Useful Books

  • Understanding Prostate Cancer
    A guide for men with cancer, their families and friends
  • Localised Prostate Cancer
    A guide for men and their families

  • Treat ED: prostate edition
    Understanding the impact of prastate cancer treatment on erectile function

  • Facing Prostate Cancer Surgery
    Learn about minimally invasive Da Vinci Surgery
  • Coping with a diagnosis of Prostate cancer
    Queensland Cancer fund

  • An introduction to prostate cancer

  • Maintaining your well being
    Information on depression and anxiety for men with prostate cancer

  • Sex after treatment
    Prostate Cancer

  • Report to the nation on prostate cancer
    A guide to men and their families
  • Nutrition, exercise and prostate cancer

  • Be a man brochure
    Essential Facts for you and your family

  • Continence and Prostate: a guide for men undergoing prostate surgery