About Urobriz

"Our aim is to provide the highest possible quality of care with the least invasive treatment option."

UROBRIZ is a specialist urology clinic with the sole aim of providing a holistic and minimally invasive keyhole and endoscopic surgeries for urological conditions such as prostate cancer, kidney cancer, BPH, erectile dysfunction and urinary stones.

In surgery, the skill and experience of the surgeon matters. Surgical services offered by Dr Kua at the Wesley hospital include:

  • Da Vinci robotic keyhole surgeries for:
    • prostate cancer and prostate enlargement (Dr Kua specializes in nerve sparing radical prostatectomy whereby the erectile nerves are preserved where feasible)
    • kidney cancer or PUJ obstruction (Dr Kua specializes in nephron sparing surgery for kidney cancers whereby the kidney tumour/cancer is removed without removing the remaining healthy kidney. His success rate in such surgery is over 95% in about 200 cases)
    • invasive bladder cancers
    • ureteric pathologies such as cancers or strictures/narrowing
    • adrenal tumours
    • pelvic masses
  • Nanoknife for prostate cancer
  • Brachytherapy for prostate cancer
  • Penile prosthesis for erectile dysfunction not responding to medical therapy
  • Slings or sphincters to treat stress urinary incontinence in men only
  • Treatments of enlarged prostate /BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)
    • Saline TURP (transurethral resection of prostate)
    • Laser TURP
    • REZUM
  • Vasectomy and Vasectomy reversals
  • Shockwave and endoscopic/ ureteroscopic laser treatments for stones in the urinary tract